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xTend Bio on Instagram is a tool that solves the problem of linking with Instagram and with just one link pointing to a collection of links that you can manage with our platform, your problem is solved in a clean and good way.
steps for xtend Getting multiple links on instagram bio, is simple as 1,2,3

With, your multiple instagram bio links will be done in few seconds.

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1.Create your Account

Until you complete the registration process, we prepare everything else for you.

step 2 xtend bio

2.Choose your desired template from our library, or customize your own.

Add the links, other social profiles or/and content you want to share with all your followers.


That's it !

Go to "Edit your Instagram profile", paste your new Xtend.Bio URL and you're done. If you ever need to change your links, come back to and edit them without the need to change your URL on your Instagram profile.

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  • Use ready-made templates

    Just select your desired template from our library and get started in one click.
  • Customize it

    Customize the chosen template in few clicks with all you needs.
  • Create your own

    If you want to totally differentiate yourself, use our intuitive constructor, and bring life to all your ideas.
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You get more than can expect
  • All Widgets Statistics

    Gain access to your instagram bio multiple links analytics to see which content are more relevant for your followers.
  • All social profile together

    Cross-link all your social profiles and optimize the engagement across your different channels
  • Last but not least

    Absolutely secure - We use the official Instagram API. Never ask for your password, access to your ig profile or other personal information.
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Don't believe us? Believe them!

Work with all major social platforms!
One link split all of them together.
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  • Upload your own profile image.
  • Text and avatar size adjustment
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